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Advocate Efrat Yusim has many years of experience in providing legal services in all areas of civil and commercial law, including real estate, planning and construction law, commercial and civil litigation, corporate and non-profit organization law, wills and inheritance, protected tenant laws. Other areas in which the firm's practice includes: administrative law, tender law, local authorities, registration of trademarks and copyrights, drafting of commercial and personal agreements.

The firm's approach is commercial (Dealmaker Attitude and fast reaction). The firm actively promotes the interests of its clients. The value guiding the firm is the best interests of the client. The firm is managed with absolute transparency vis-à-vis its clients. The firm specializes in strategic management of conflict points and conflicts that require experience, sophistication and planning. The firm establishes a course of action for each client after analyzing the existing situation, analyzing the legal situation, and the customer's personal situation. The firm, together with the client, defines the vision, goals and objectives for realization, and therefore the firm propose the strategy and implementation methods planned for achieving them.

Efrat Yusim Law Offices provides legal services with courtesy, professionalism and maximum efficiency, and specializes in the following areas:

Moshavim.  handling the documents of a continuing son, representation in claims against cooperative societies, transfer of rights in the estate (nachala), splitting of an estate, registration of rights in the land registry of a plot of residence in the estate, regulation of irregular uses of the estate;

Real estate. legal support for real estate transactions of all types, including sale and purchase transactions of all types (combination agreements, ILA, Judea and Samaria, agricultural estates, second hand, contractor, luxury homes, housing company, etc.), representation of developers, contractors and tenant groups in TAMA 38 transactions, Clearing transactions and acquisition groups, receivership, lease transactions, etc;

Planning and construction. Representation in a compensation claim under Section 197 of the Planning and Building Law, legal support for planning and construction, as part of transactions or in the framework of accompanying clients or projects, and representation of clients before planning institutions, appeals committees and administrative petitions;

Litigation. Representation in legal proceedings in all tribunals and jurisdictions in the country. Supreme Court of appeal and the High Court of Justice (HCJ), districts courts and magistrates, labor and administrative law, family law,  Rent Court, various appeals committees in matters of planning and construction and municipal taxation (betterment levies, building permits, etc.).

• Preparation and submission of claims in a small claims court.

  • Lawsuits under various laws: the Consumer Protection Law, the Class Actions Law and the filing of a class action under it, the Unjust Enrichment Law, the Commercial Wrongs Law, the Copyright Law, the Patents Law, the Contracts Law and more.
  • Representation in arbitration and mediation proceedings.
  • Representation in legal proceedings in the field of commercial business: copyrights, monetary claims, breach of contract claims (trade agreements, agencies, distribution, franchises, partnerships, ventures, licenses, product development, financing and credit).
  • Representation in legal proceedings in the field of family law: approval of a financial agreement between spouses, opposition to will, opposition to inheritance, application for the appointment of a guardian, representation of guardians, temporary and permanent estate management and more.

Municipal taxation. legal handling of municipal tax issues, representation before a decisive appraiser, reduction of municipal taxes and representation before municipal property tax and improvement committees, construction fees and development levies.

Leases. preparation of lease agreements and legal management of assets for foreign residents and residents of the country in residential and income-producing properties; management of claims for hand-disposals and evacuation of tenants; Evacuation of tenants.

Corporate law.  legal establishment and Legal advice for companies and businesses and nonprofit organizations; Establishing a company in Israel; Founders contract; Company liquidation; Confidentiality contract

Protected Tenants. representation in claims of protected tenants, legal advice and comprehensive opinions in tenant protection laws; Evacuation of a protected tenant.

Copyrights. Registration of trademarks, designs and patents, representation in legal proceedings in the field of intellectual property; Editing of intellectual property contracts: a confidentiality contract, a contract between an inventor and an entrepreneur, and more.

Family law.  guardianship, wills, inheritances and trusts, Durable power of attorney, (Enduring power of attorney) and agreements in the personal sphere – drafting wills and mutual wills, Issuing an inheritance order and a will to execute a will; Resistance to will; Estate management and trusts, guardianship management, financial agreement, separation agreement.

Visas to Israel – counseling and representation before the Immigration and Foreign Administration, handling visas of various kinds, accompanying business owners in investigations with the enforcement officer and foreigners, reducing fines, arranging status for spouses married to Israelis, requests for family unification.

Advocate Efrat Yusim is known for the efficient and professional advancement of her clients' affairs, and in achieving the desired goals and success in the cases handled by her. Efrat has expertise in strategic management of conflict points and conflicts that require experience, sophistication and planning.


LL.B., The College of Management Academic Studies, 2004


Israel Bar Association, 2005

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